Private Spanish Lessons in Quito

Lcda. Mariana González

* More then 20 years experience as a Teacher Spanish schools in Ecuador and Europe.

*Graduate in Spanish Language and Literature, Universidad of Loja. Ecuador.

*Graduate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.Catholic University,Quit, Ecuador.

*Secondary Education Teacher, University of Loja,Ecuador.

*Ex-Director and Owner of the "Renovación Spanish School". Quito.Ecuador.

               The Spanish Lessons 


My Spanish lessons in Quito, Ecuador are based on the method of total immersion, where right from the start you hear the language and then begin to speak it.  As the classes develop, grammar, pronunciation, grammar exercises and conversation topics are introduced.  Conversation topics can cover a wide variety of themes such as politics, economics, education, travel, culture and of course themes relating to Ecuadorian life and culture.  There would also be an emphasis on idiomatic expressions and pronunciation exercises, and a lot of focus on conversation, using oral and written excercises to enhance these skills.

The only thing you’ll need to learn Spanish in Ecuador is a desire to learn; the course includes all the materials necessary to have you using and speaking the language in no time.  Amongst the didactic resources that we would use there are cards, videos, cassettes, laminates and teaching texts from both Latin America and from Spain, all of which yield very good results as language learning aids. As a registered Ecuador Language School upon finishing the course with a minimum of 240 hours, the student can receive a certificate from the Ministery of Education in Ecuador.

Ecuador where I am able to use their premises to hold my classes.

If the student is interested in other activities outside of the Ecuador Language School program, as an extra class or special activity one day per week, we could visit the colonial centre of Quito, museums and churches, the tourist centre at ‘The Middle of the World’, and indigeneous markets such as Saquisili and Otavalo among others.


In the Classroom

Spanish  Levels

Beginners: At this level, we begin by studying the basics.  The use of basic conversational and grammatical structures enables the student to be able to communicate almost straightaway.

Intermediate: The aims of the intermediate course are that the student will be able to communicate clearly, effectively and fluidly, and improve their level of understanding, and oral and written expression.

Advanced: In the advanced course, we will study different structures from the comparative to the subjunctive,that will enable the student to communicate with ease in different environments that he or she may need to.

Unlike other Ecuador Language Schools. I can also give lessons in Puerto Lopez and in the Amazon jungle.  If you would like details of these programs, I can send you the relevant information.

At the beginning of the course, having evaluated the student orally and on paper, the student and I will work out a study plan taking into account the students requirements, the length of the course and my suggestions.

The courses are geared towards beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students.  I have also prepared courses in conversation for professionals in different areas such as law, engineering, economics, tourism, retail, and voluntary work among others.

As with many other language schools in Quito, Ecuador the course is divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced:


The classes can be held wherever the student wants, at their place of residence, at my house or in language schools in Quito,

I would suggest that students have 4 of classes a day.  However, I would obviously also take into account the students requirements and suggestions.

Classes are held from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Sessions: 60 minutes


$ 8 /hr

$10 /hr online lLessons

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Our last day in Loja in Emporio Cafeteria

I spent for weeks in clases with Mariana and it was a great and beneficial time for me. I could improve my Spanish skills enormously, both in grammar and vocabulary during this time.  She was very flexible in regards to the course organization, e.g.  although she lives in Quito we could have the course in Loja. Moreover, the content of the course was constantly adjusted to my respective level of Spanish which made the course always interesting. Helpful was also that we focused a lot on the speaking part to improve day-to-day conversations. Besides all of that Mariana is an absolutely nice and motivating teacher with good understanding for the student’s needs. 

I really enjoyed the time and could make a strong progress with my Spanish. Thank you a lot, Mariana! 

Con muchos saludos,


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